Best Way To Prolong The Life Of Your Dentures

Dentures are just like the teeth you were born with in that they need to be properly maintained in order to remain clean and white. There are a few steps you'll want to take to keep your dentures looking their best and lasting as long as possible. Following this plan can extend the life of your dentures by as many as five years. 


Remove your dentures after breakfast. Take out a soft bristle toothbrush and brush the dentures using a mixtures of dish soap and warm water. You don't want to make the mistake of using toothpaste, as it is abrasive and will scratch the surface of your dentures. Cleaning the false teeth this way will remove food particles and keep plaque and tartar from building up. Repeat at the end of the day after you've eaten your final meal. 

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Look for an ultrasonic cleaner that has the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. Once per day place your dentures in the ultrasonic cleaner and clean as directed on the packaging. This step is necessary, even if you faithfully brush your false teeth twice per day. The device emits sound waves that form waves in the water. These waves work to dislodge any stuck on particles that you may have missed or not seen when brushing. 

Overnight Solution

Fill a glass with water and add an overnight cleaning solution that is specifically made for dentures. Your local dentist can give you a few sample packets to try. Place your dentures in the glass each night before bed. It is important that dentures stay moist, so it is not recommended that you just place them in a protective case. Leaving your false teeth in overnight while you sleep can make you more susceptible to bacterial infections, so it isn't recommended. When morning comes, thoroughly rinse the dentures off before placing them back in your mouth.

Routine Dental Visits

Although you may not have the teeth you were born with, it is still important that you continue with your routine dental visits. Dentures have the ability to recede your bone and gum ridges, which leaves your dentures a little loose. An adjustment will be needed to keep them fitting properly. Your dentist will also take the time to check for any sores or redness that will need to be addressed. If you feel the dentures are a bit loose in between visits, call your dentist and schedule a more urgent appointment. Click to find out more on this topic.