Is Dental Anxiety Bringing Down Your Health? Get Up With These Tips

Feeling anxiety about going to the dentist is more common than you might think. In fact, up to 8 percent of the population avoids going to the dentist out of fear. That can be bad news since staying away from the dentist can transform a minor issue that could be quickly fixed into major tooth decay and gum disease. That makes the anxiety dangerous to your health, and it's important to be proactive in overcoming dental anxiety in order to ensure your overall well-being. These tips can help you leave those pesky worries in the past.

Evaluate the Anxiety

Understanding your anxiety can help you handle it most effectively. Start by simply acknowledging your fears for what they are. Try not to judge yourself or dismiss your anxiety as something that's less severe than it is. If the anxiety is preventing you from taking care of yourself, it's a big deal, and it shouldn't be minimized.

Take a Reality Check

Although you may have a strong emotional reaction to the idea of going to see your dentist, take an awareness check. Ask yourself how founded your fears truly are. Even though the anxiety may overtake you emotionally, try to ground your intellect in the reality of the situation. Your dentist is there to help you and safeguard your dental health. While fears may leave you feeling otherwise, dentists are actually professionals who try to help their patients while making the process as pleasant as possible.

Tell Your Dentist How You're Feeling

It's okay to call the dentist's office and explain your anxiety. Once your dentist knows that your fear could potentially stop you from getting the care you need, you'll be free to have an open discussion with your dentist. They may be able to explain why you don't need to fear certain things. Also, having this knowledge will enable your dentist to reassure you and help with any fears that come up during the visit.

Consider Therapy

Seeing a licensed psychologist can be a good thing for nearly anyone. It can be especially helpful if you are not able to kick your dental anxiety to the curb on your own. A therapist will explore the root cause of the anxiety and help you process any past problems or trauma. Therapy can leave you in control of your life, and it can help you stop letting anxiety prevent you from the dental care you deserve.

Finally, keep in mind that you need to address the anxiety and deal with it in order to get proper dental care. This isn't something that should be put off for another time because delayed time can result in huge unnecessary dental issues that can be prevented with regular care. For help overcoming your anxiety, work with a dentist like Rupp and Grabowski Family Dentistry for more tips and tricks.