Preventative Dental Care Tips And Guidelines

While proper dental care is something that everyone should practice on a regular basis, there are many instances where individuals may not be taking all of the steps that are necessary for preserving your long-term dental health. In addition to compromising your overall health, there are cosmetic and comfort problems that poor dental care can cause. Use A High-Quality Electric Toothbrush A high-quality electric toothbrush can be extremely effective at cleaning your teeth. [Read More]

Preventive Services That Protect Your Child's Teeth

If your child is repeatedly developing cavities, they may need preventive dental care to help protect their teeth from decay. Here are a few preventive services that pediatric dentists offer to protect the teeth. Fluoride Treatments Fluoride is used to help remineralize a child's teeth. Dental decay takes place as the acids in the mouth dissolve the minerals that make up the tooth enamel. Fluoride works by drawing minerals that have been displaced from the enamel back to the teeth. [Read More]

5 Ways You Can Deal with Bad Breath

One common health issue you may be battling is bad breath. It can make you feel like you don't want to talk to others in close proximity, making you feel very self-conscious. While sometimes bad breath is due to the foods that you eat, it can also be something you control through how you take care of your oral hygiene. Here are some tips for fighting bad breath. Avoid Certain Foods [Read More]

Nervous About Your Next Dental Cleaning? How You Can Calm Down

If going to the dentist gives you a lot of anxiety and fear, then you are certainly not alone. Going to the dentist is something that a lot of people dread on some level, but because the American Dental Association recommends that you get a dental cleaning every six months, it's not something that you should avoid. This article will take a closer look at a few ways that you can calm down before you go in for your next dental cleaning. [Read More]