Why Invisalign Braces Can Help A Modeling Career

Beautiful women make great models, but many are often denied jobs because of crooked teeth. As a result, it is important to get braces to correct their smile. However, traditional metal braces are often bulky and will derail a potential modeling career. In these instances, Invisalign braces are necessary. Models Are Required To Have Perfect Teeth Professional models are expected to look perfect and, as a result, are usually required to have flawless teeth. [Read More]

3 Potential Treatments For A Painful Tooth Infection That's Inside The Canal And Roots

Proper oral healthcare helps eliminate harmful bacteria that can potentially cause infections and damage throughout your mouth. If you have a tooth that's cracked open due to trauma or a cavity, it is easy for the bacteria to get inside the tooth where you can't simply clean it away. The bacteria can then cause an infection that can inflame the pulp material inside your root canal and then spread through the canal, down into the roots, and out into the surrounding soft tissue. [Read More]

When Are Porcelain And Resin Composite Fillings Used To Repair The Teeth

If you need a dental filling in your tooth, then your dentist will likely tell you all about the filling options you can choose from. These options include silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, and resin composite. Both porcelain and resin composite are tooth colored options and they are a wise choice if you want your dental work to appear as natural as possible. However, porcelain and resin composite are often used during different situations. [Read More]

Four Nonsurgical Options To Alleviate The Symptoms Of TMJ

Temporomandibular joint, better known as TMJ, refers to a join located in front of the ear. TMJ disorders cause pain in and around the jaw. If you are plagued by TMJ disorders, consider one or all of the following non-surgical treatment options to help alleviate your symptoms.  1. Decrease the Stress Levels in Your Life One of the contributing factors to TMJ disorders is high levels of stress. When you get stressed, your body, including your jaw, may get tense. [Read More]