What To Expect When You Haven't Seen A Dentist In Years

If you haven't been to see a dentist in a long time, you may be worried about going back. It could be because you're worried there might be extensive damage, or because you'll be subjected to a lecture about dental hygiene and regular dental visits. But going back to see your dentist doesn't have to be scary. As a patient, you have a lot of control over what happens and at what pace you move. [Read More]

5 Things You Need To Know About Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is common, and needs to be treated immediately by an emergency dentist. Here's what you need to know about this common injury.  What is dental trauma? Dental trauma means that your teeth have been suddenly damaged. Mild cases of dental trauma may involve a chipped tooth, while more serious cases will involve knocked out teeth. Your teeth can also be cracked or broken in half.  Why is it an emergency? [Read More]