Get Your Kid's Happy About Dental Care

You know it's important to make sure you do everything you can to keep your child's teeth healthy, but this can often be easier said than done. Many young children don't like to have their teeth brushed and will fight you every step of the way. This is why you should read this article, where you can learn some helpful tips that may prove to make dental care easier for both you and your child.

Let your child brush their own teeth – While you may want to brush their teeth after they give it a go to make sure they are clean enough, your child may fight you less if you let them do it themselves first. Many children like to do things on their own to assert their independence.

Let your child pick their dental supplies – The next time you go to the store, consider taking a detour down the dental aisle where you can let your child be in control of choosing their own toothbrush and toothpaste. You can even let them get some extra goodies, such as their own colorful dental travel kit or their own fun toothbrush container. When they have had a hand in selecting their own supplies, they will be more excited about putting them to use.

Pick the right time of day for dental care – While you may prefer to brush your child's teeth first thing in the morning, they may not wake up in the best mood. You may find that waiting until after they eat breakfast works better for your child. Also, your child may get very cranky right before bedtime, making it more of a fight to brush their teeth at this time. The important thing is to make sure they only drink water after their nighttime brushing, so food doesn't sit on their teeth all night long.

Brush your teeth at the same time – Most children like to mimic their parents in many things. For this reason, you may find your child easier to work with if you brush your teeth first while they watch and then brush theirs. Explain to them how important it is to keep their teeth clean just like you do and explain what you are doing while you do it, such as putting on the toothpaste, rinsing the toothbrush, etc.

Get your child used to the dentist – Start your child off early with their dental visits not only to make sure they aren't having dental issues but also so they learn that the dentist isn't a scary place.

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