Three Ways To Correct The Awkwardly-Shaped Top Edges Of Your Teeth

As you go through life, your teeth start to wear down. Try as you might, you will not be able to preserve your natural teeth forever. However, as your teeth wear down, they create funny and awkward jagged edges. When these weird tops to all of your teeth make you feel self-conscious, there are three cosmetic dentistry procedures to correct these weird jags and points.

Grinding and Shaping

Grinding and shaping is the least expensive option. Your dentist can do this procedure while you are in for a checkup. The dentist takes small grinding and sanding disks to your teeth, shaping flat edges smooth and straight, and making rounded edges uniform and even. The result is that you will have teeth that appear younger-looking.


In this procedure, your dentist takes small bits of an acrylic molding substance and applies it to the awkward edges of your teeth. He or she shapes it with dental instruments until the substance looks quite natural. Before the molding substance is cured with ultraviolet light, the dentist will shape your teeth such that you have the most pristine and perfect edges. No one but you can tell that the edges of your teeth are anything but natural, and even then you would have to run your tongue along the edges to feel the differences.


Veneers are the most expensive option, but also the most permanent. Your real teeth are hiding just behind the veneers. Someone would have to turn you upside down and put a mirror in your mouth to see the edges of your natural teeth behind the veneers. Additionally, the veneers will give you perfect-looking teeth for the rest of your life (or until you accidentally damage the veneers, which can happen).

Talk to Your Cosmetic Dentist

There may be newer procedures available to address your particular concerns. However, you will not know about them unless you ask your cosmetic dentist. The dentist may also suggest other procedures, like a crown or an implant, if the natural tooth is at risk of further damage by the above procedures or is too rotten to cosmetically correct. 

If you wait, these particular awkward features along the edges of your teeth may correct themselves over time. Grinding, biting, and chewing is what causes your teeth to wear as they do. Because the process is gradual, and because the teeth wear from one end or side to the other, your teeth could correct their own appearance.

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