The Kiss Of Death: How Bad Breath Can Kill Your Love Life

If there is one thing that can send your partner running to another room when you get close to them, it's bad breath. If you want to make sure you aren't offending your partner when you get close to them then you want to follow the advice detailed here:

Use some extra dental care tools

Along with your toothbrush and floss, you may want to add a few more things to your dental care kit and use them on a regular basis. Mouthwash can really help fight bad breath, but it has to be the right mouthwash for you. Some people find that mouthwash with alcohol in it can make matters worse. Get yourself a water flosser that has a lot of different attachments so you can reach those hard-to-reach places and blast away plaque that can cause bad breath. Get a tongue scraper and use it instead of the bristles of your toothbrush that won't remove plaque efficiently.

Go to your dental appointments

When you go to see your dentist, they will treat small cavities before they can lead to odor issues. Also, they will professionally clean your teeth so plaque that your toothbrush leaves behind will be removed. They will catch and treat gum disease early on and any other problems that will affect the smell of your breath. Your dentist is also the best source you can go to for complete advice on all things dental care. Everything you do to create a healthier mouth can help your breath smell fresher.

Remember your stomach has a clear path to your mouth

It can be very helpful to remember that what is happening in your stomach can directly affect what happens in your mouth. If you suffer from acid reflux, seeking treatment for it will help prevent those stomach acids from causing your breath to smell sour. If you stay away from foods that have strong odors to them, you can prevent those odors from lingering in your mouth and even creeping back up from your stomach.

Don't use sugary products for help

Don't count on sugary mints and gum with sugar in it to help you defeat bad breath. While you may find your bad breath gets masked for a few minutes, it will only come back. Plus, you will have put a sticky substance in y our mouth that will now only make it worse when it does return, and you'll also increase your risk of cavities.

Contact a local dentistry office for more information and assistance.