3 Cosmetic Dentist Procedures To Consider For Your Child

Your child may not have concerns about how their teeth look, but as their parent, you probably do. There may be a situation that caused their smile to be altered, which can result in lowering their self-esteem. This can be something as simple as a tooth that is broken or chipped, which can impact their ability to speak and eat properly. Children do not have as many cosmetic options available to them, but these three can help.

Broken Teeth

With kids being so active, it's not surprising that an injury can happen that causes a tooth to break. If not much damage was caused, it can be fixed using a bonding solution that will help keep the tooth together. An alternative solution is to give the child a partial crown to reinforce the broken tooth.

For major damage, a child's baby tooth can be pulled because the permanent tooth eventually will come in. If the tooth is permanent, many procedures that adults use can also be used for kids.

Whitening Options

While kids will typically not deal with naturally discolored teeth due to bad habits while they are so young, if a tooth does become discolored, you should address it. Whitening may not be recommended for a young child, but there is a microabrasion process that can be done. It works by using a mild abrasive on the tooth's surface that will gently polish out any stains. It's not recommended to use bleaching techniques for a young child, since it could affect their tooth enamel and cause a greater chance of getting cavities.

Crowns and Veneers

A traditional dental veneer will require shaving or removing part of a natural tooth, which allows a veneer to properly adhere to the tooth. For children, there are veneers that are prep-free that fit directly onto the natural tooth. These are not designed to be permanent solutions, since they can be removed when necessary. For a long-term solution, bonding material can be placed on the veneer.

If your child needs a dental crown, a newer solution is to use a crown that has a natural white color to it instead of being metallic. It gives a natural appearance that others will not be able to notice.

When you are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of your kid's teeth, meet with a dentist for a consultation. They can let you know what techniques would be best to use for your child's specific situation. Click here to learn more about cosmetic dentistry.