Dentures Could Restore Your Oral Health When You Have Missing Teeth

If you have a lot of bad teeth, and you're looking at all of your options for improving the health of your mouth, pulling your teeth and getting dentures could be the right choice. You can decide with your dentist if that's a better option in your case than having root canals, bridges, crowns, or implants. Here are some reasons dentures can be a good option. They Could Be The Most Affordable Option   [Read More]

6 Tips To Avoid Dry Socket Following Oral Surgery

Following an oral extraction surgery, a blood clot forms in the socket where the tooth was located. This clot protects the underlying nerves and bone while also providing the beginnings of the new tissue that will heal over the site. Dislodging the clot can cause a painful condition known as dry socket.  1. Put Down the Cigarettes This includes vape pens or any other smoking product. Although it's good to avoid nicotine when the body is healing, there's a more important reason not to smoke in the days following a surgical tooth extraction. [Read More]

How Crowns Can Save Teeth Damaged By Sleep Bruxism

Bruxism is the medical term for unconsciously grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw. Many people grind their teeth while they are awake, often due to stress or anxiety. However, you may not be aware that many people grind their teeth while they are asleep, a condition sometimes known as sleep bruxism.   It's no surprise that grinding your teeth for hours every night can have a negative effect on your oral health. [Read More]

3 Ways Pediatric Dentists Create An Enjoyable Experience For A Child

Does your child need to visit the dentist soon? If so, you should consider taking them to a pediatric dentist rather than your normal dentist. You may find that a pediatric dentist is a better fit for your child due to the following reasons.  The Office Is More Kid-Friendly One of the first things that you'll notice about a pediatric dentist is that it is going to be much more kid-friendly than your typical dentist's office. [Read More]