5 Ways To Avoid Dry Socket

Nobody wants to go through the experience of having a dry socket after a tooth extraction, because it is very uncomfortable and painful. That's why it will help to know the following ways that you can prevent a dry socket and keep that blood clot in place.

Avoid Vaping And Smoking 

Vaping and smoking are bad for a few reasons. Not only does this smoke end up drying out your mouth and discourage the healing process from happening, but it also requires a suction motion that can cause the blood clot to become dislodged. It will help to take a break for several days after a tooth is extracted so that the blood clot has time to form.

Avoid Straws

As tempting as it may be to lie in bed and drink through a straw, this is very bad for the formation of blood clots. The pressure created in your mouth from using a straw will also cause the blood clog to come out unintentionally. Sip from a cup instead just to be safe.

Restrict Your Diet

There are a few types of food you should be avoiding after tooth extraction. This includes alcoholic and carbonated beverages, hard foods, and crunchy foods. These types of foods can actually cause the extraction site to become irritated, which will cause complications with the blood clot. If the food has the potential to poke a blood clot, like a tortilla chip, then you should avoid eating it for several days after your surgery.

Avoid Exercise

If you needed an excuse to avoid exercise for a few days, then know that a tooth extraction is definitely a good reason. This is due to how your body's increased heart rate and blood pressure can cause a blood clot to become dislodged. Going on walks is fine, but avoid weight lifting, cardio, and anything that is considered an intense exercise.

Avoid Hard Rinsing

There is no need to use a lot of pressure to rinse your mouth out. All you really need to do is sip the water and move your head gently back and forth to get in all parts of your mouth. Then you can let it dribble into the sink rather than spit it out with force. You're trying to avoid forming any sort of pressure in your mouth that can cause the blood clot to come out.

Reach out to a general dental care specialist if you have any concerns about a dry socket. For further questions, contact a company like Smile Solutions LLC.