3 Dental Issues That Dental Braces Might Solve

Straight and healthy teeth help to boost your self-confidence. You might find yourself smiling more often and in high spirits. On the other hand, crooked teeth can make you quite conscious about your appearance. Dental braces can help correct your crooked teeth. Braces straighten your teeth by exerting pressure on them for a long time, returning them to their natural position.

If you have either of the following dental issues, you should consider dental braces as a lasting solution.

1. Spaces Between Teeth

Sometimes you may have too much space in between your teeth. These spaces may be due to missing teeth (through tooth extraction or accidents). Additionally, spacing can also be more pronounced if you have small teeth. These spaces may cause teeth misalignment and affect the way your smile looks.

Closing large teeth spaces is not purely for aesthetics. Large teeth spaces can affect your dental hygiene. First, these spaces can compromise your bite accuracy. Inaccurate bites affect the functionality of your jaw, and you may experience pain when you chew your food.

Food particles may also get stuck in these spaces. If you don't remove these particles quickly, they may lead to the formation of plaque and tartar. These food particles can also rot and result in bad breath and other gum diseases.

2. Crowded Teeth

Teeth overcrowding occurs when there is little space for teeth to grow on your jaws. As a result, your teeth may overlap and push either inwards or outwards. You may also experience teeth overcrowding if you lose your milk teeth early or have extra-large teeth.

When your teeth overlap, brushing and flossing become difficult. You may also experience pain. As a result, your teeth may get cavities or decay. Overlapping teeth also put you at high risk of getting gingivitis.

Teeth braces will help you straighten overlapping teeth and even out your teeth spaces. As a result, your toothbrush bristles can reach all parts of your teeth and clean them properly.

3. Open Bites

An open bite is when you have a gap at the side or front of your teeth when you bite on something. You may experience difficulty when you eat or talk because of the open bite. An open bite can also cause temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition can cause experience severe jaw pain without proper treatment.

If you want to avoid such issues, your dentist can give you dental braces to help give you back some comfort. Work with an orthodontist to straighten your teeth.