What's So Special About a Pediatric Dentist?

Has the time come to make a dental appointment for your child? It may be tempting to have them go to the regular dentist that you have been using for years. However, that may not be what is best for your child's first appointment to see the dentist. Here are a few reasons why a pediatric dentist could do a better job than your regular dentist. 

The Office Environment

There is a huge difference between a normal dentist office and a pediatric dental office. Your typical dental office may be a bit too intimidating for a child. They'll walk into the office and see a lot of tools and assume that they are scary. While the dentist can get the job done in the space, it can lead to an unenjoyable experience.

However, a pediatric dental office is often more inviting for a child. The waiting room will have things for kids to enjoy, such as toys or kids' TV shows. There will be bright colors. The exam room itself will have a fun ceiling for your child to look at and take their mind off of their cleaning and exam.

The Specialized Training

You may think that there is no difference between how you treat a child or an adult when they are in the dental chair, but a pediatric dentist will actually go through specialized training to work with children. This includes techniques that can make a child feel more at ease about the exam and cleaning, and even things like knowing how to talk to a young child about what they are about to have done at the dentist's office. This training can go a long way, especially if you use your regular dentist that is not excited about working with kids. 

The Dental Tools

There are actually special tools that a pediatric dentist will use to help perform the exam and cleaning. You can expect to see a lot of the same tools, but smaller in size. This will help make a child feel more comfortable with everything that is being done to them. For example, the device that is used to take an X-ray is going to be much smaller to make it easier to bite down on. 

Do you have more questions? Reach out to a local pediatric dentist for more info on how they may be a better choice for your child's dental needs.