What To Do When Your Kid Has A Toothache

Very few people make it through their entire lives without suffering from at least one toothache. Dealing with the pain is one thing for an adult, but as a kid, that pain can be downright unbearable. Do you have a kid who's been complaining of a toothache? If so, you'll find a few tips that can help you help your little one and prevent the issue again in the future.

Call the Dentist

If you haven't done so already, call your child's dentist and schedule an appointment. In some cases, it can take a few days before your child will be seen, so don't put it off. The toothache could be caused by an infection growing in, under, or around a tooth. If left to fester, the infection will only continue to get worse.

Another issue that your child may be having is that the cavity may have gotten so bad that it's leaving the root exposed. When the root is exposed, your kid will feel everything, including hot and cold, with more pain. Everything that touches the tooth will hurt, and it will only get worse.

Treat the Pain

In the meantime, you can treat your little one's toothache with some children's pain reliever. If you're unsure of the dose, talk with your pediatrician or dentist. You will need to know how much your little one weighs to get a correct dosage.

An ice pack wrapped with a towel and held over the area where the tooth is hurting can provide temporary relief. If there's swelling, the ice will help with that as well.

Prevent Future Decay

When you get to the dentist, talk with him or her about having dental sealant applied to your kid's teeth. This sealant is painted onto the teeth. When it hardens, it creates a hard seal around the tooth. This prevents food, bacteria and sugar from reaching the tooth and causing the decay. Please know that this doesn't mean that your kid's teeth are safe from cavities – they'll still need to brush, floss, and rinse twice each day to prevent dental issues.

Talk with your child's dentist. He or she will help you come up with a treatment plan that will help your child feel better and prevent future cavities from becoming a problem. Hopefully, you'll find the help that you need very quickly, and your kid will be back to eating ice cream without wincing in pain.