3 Ways Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

Having a smile that you're proud of is often the key to being more confident in everything you do. You may feel like getting out in the world more when your teeth are in good shape. However, you may not have been born with an attractive smile and finding ways to improve it may be high on your agenda. It may be helpful to know the methods a cosmetic dentist can use to help you have better-looking teeth.

1. Get veneers

Do you have a lot of front teeth that aren't nearly as straight as you'd like? If so, you may want to opt to get veneers because doing so can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile.

Veneers are simply porcelain laminates that will fit onto your existing teeth. Your natural teeth may need to be shaved down a bit for these to fit beforehand. However, veneers will last for years and are resistant to stains. You can have a smile that you're proud of having when you put these in place.

2. Whiten your teeth

One of the most effective and least invasive methods for having teeth that are much more attractive is by getting a professional whitening job done. Your cosmetic dentist can usually do this in only one visit, and your teeth will look much better once this has been accomplished. This process will require your dental provider to use trays that are molded to your teeth for optimal results. Then, they put a whitening gel in these trays that will be effective in getting rid of unwanted and hard to remove stains.

3. Obtain a dental crown

Do you have a tooth that has a lot of decay and is the front of your mouth? If so, it's in your best interest to work diligently to save this tooth. It may be necessary to get a dental crown to allow you to avoid an extraction. This process may take two visits to the dental office but will make a significant difference in your smile.

Working to feel your best may mean looking good and having a smile that you want others to see. Don't delay in getting your cosmetic work done to help your teeth appear more attractive and allow you to look your best. See cosmetic dental care providers such as Angela M. Osborn, DDS to determine if you're a candidate for any of these procedures.