Dental Implant Information For Tooth Loss Patients To Review

Replacing a missing tooth will require you to make a decision among several different options. Dental implants are still a new option relative to bridges or dentures, and this can lead to there being an issue with patients having access to the information that they need about this procedure.

Do Dental Implants Damage The Surrounding Teeth?

When considering tooth replacement options, you will want to choose one that avoids damaging the other teeth in your mouth. For example, a dental bridge will require modifications to multiple teeth to support the bridge that holds the artificial tooth. Dental implants will allow you to avoid this as they are independently supported by the bones in the jaw.

Are There Any Usage Limitations For Dental Implants?

Another important benefit of dental implants is their enhanced strength and durability. This can allow you to use these implants the same way that you would natural teeth. Individuals that choose to have a bridge placed may have to alter the foods that they eat to avoid ones that could damage the bridge. Those that like to participate in sports or other athletic events may be less confident about these activities due to fears about damaging a bridge. Once a dental implant bonds with the jaw, it will be extremely secure, and only the strong impacts will put the implant in danger.

Will Your Newly Installed Dental Implant Be Vulnerable To Decay Or Disease?

The materials used in dental implants and replacement teeth will make them less vulnerable to disease. However, it is still necessary to clean the replacement tooth just as you would a natural one. Failing to keep it clean can contribute to gum disease due to the growth of bacteria along the gum line of the replacement tooth. Once you notice signs of gum disease forming around the implant, you should visit your dentist as gum disease is one of the leading causes of implant failure due to its ability to weaken the bones in the jaw that anchor the implant in place.

Will The Implant Ever Need To Be Adjusted Or Serviced?

It should be noted that your dental implant is unlikely to require adjustment or servicing unless you suffer a complication. However, the replacement tooth that is visible is actually a separate part from the implant. This component will experience the most intense wear and tear. As a result, this component will eventually need to be replaced. Luckily, this is something that you will only require after many years of having the replacement tooth.

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