3 Important Facts About Dental Implants That You Should Know

In recent years, dental implants have become more popular and accessible. However, while many people know that they are an ideal way to replace one or more missing teeth and that that some people can get them in a single visit, there are several other facts that you should consider when deciding whether or not you should get dental implants.

#1-It Is Impossible For Your Dental Implants To Get Cavities

Since dental implants look so much like your natural, healthy teeth, it will be easy to forget that they are not real after you have healed from the procedure. However, if you are missing teeth due to decay, it is likely to be very comforting to know that your dental implants will never be able to get even a small cavity, since they are made of an artificial material.

It is important to remember that you should still provide the implant and the gums around it with regular cleanings and dental checkups. That is crucial since your gums could still develop gingivitis and your dentist will be able to verify that the implant is still functioning and intact.

#2-A Dental Implant Actually Makes Your Jaws Healthier

One problem for people who have been missing teeth for years, whether or not they had dentures, is that the jaw begins to lose strength over time. Unfortunately, that means that many of those people need a bone graft to the jaw in order for the jaw to be strong enough to support the weight of the new implant. That process can take months to complete and recover from.

The longer you go without a full mouth of teeth, the weaker your jaw gets. Since dental implants are the only dental replacement option that encourages the jaw to grow , they are the best choice that you can make for your long-term oral health.

#3-You Should Not Expect To Go Toothless While You Are Waiting For The Implants

Although few people talk about it, there is often some discrimination and condescension shown towards people who are missing teeth. When you have had teeth pulled and you are waiting for the implant to be able to support the weight of your new teeth, it is not unusual to be given a temporary denture or removable bridge so that you can carry on with your normal activities.

In addition, if you are only having a few teeth pulled, even if they are not adjacent to one another, you can be sized for a partial denture that will meet your immediate needs.

In conclusion, dental implants have long been known as a way to restore your smile when it has been damaged by one or more missing teeth. When you are considering the possibility of dental implants, it is a good idea to consider these facts. Reach out to a group like Dental Services Of Rochester for more information.