Ways To Combat Stress During Your Dental Services

If you are an absolute nervous wreck before your dental appointments, you don't need to feel ashamed. Over 15 percent of Americans get scared or suffer from anxiety in the hours or even days leading up to a dental visit.

There are ways to combat that stress and make your dental services much easier. Here are a few:

Speak Up!

First of all, if you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, don't be shy about it. Let your dentist or hygienist know that you get tense when it comes to matters of the mouth. There is something to be said for being vocal with your dentist. Merely expressing your concerns can provide some sense of relief.

Odds are that your dental professionals are trained in sedation dentistry and are able to prescribe medication to lessen your anxiety and help your feel calm during your appointment.  Sedation medicine may be offered in the form of a pill or tablet if you are instructed to take it before your appointment. However, the medication may also be inhaled or injected if administered during your visit.

Come With a Distraction

Additionally, keep in mind that various dental objects, such as the drill or even the dental chair, may be triggers for your anxiety. Even if you don't' feel stressed before your appointment, you may feel stress during it. If you plan to forgo sedation, be sure to come prepared for your appointment by bringing along something to distract you. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask your dentist if it's ok to bring along a stress ball and squeeze away during treatment.

  • Load up your phone or iPod with some of your favorite tunes and pop in your earbuds so that you can listen to music while the dentist works on your teeth.

  • Don your favorite sunglasses to block out the glare of the bright lights.

  • Even bringing along a trusted friend or family member can offer comfort.

  • Wear comfortable clothes with multiple layers; it often gets cold in the office.

Schedule Wisely

The time and day that you go in to the dentist's office could play a part in how stressed or relaxed you feel. Cramming for final exams or dreading a deadline at work? Then, you probably don't want to go to the dentist during that week. Try to find a break in your busy schedule where you have ample time and don't feel like you're rushing around. Find a day that works for you.

Your local dentist will do everything in his or her power to ease your nerves, so don't forgo a needed dental procedure. Contact a dentist in your area to schedule an appointment. To learn more, speak with someone like Michael G Landy DDS.