About Loose Teeth From Periodontitis & Getting Treated

Do you have a few loose teeth that are painful to chew food with? It is possible that your teeth are in such a condition from a disease called periodontitis, which may require that the loose teeth are extracted. Find out below what you should know about periodontitis, as well as what replacing your loose teeth with dental implants will cost.

What Makes Periodontitis a Vital Health Concern?

You must get periodontitis disease treated by a dentist, because it will only get worse if you don't. The disease develops when plaque is left on your teeth for a long time. The plaque turns into hard tartar that is difficult to remove without the help of a dentist. It is the bacteria in plaque that cause your gums to get infected and develop into periodontitis.

Your teeth are loose because periodontitis weakens your jawbone. The gums surrounding the teeth will usually pull away as well. A few other symptoms that you can experience from periodontitis include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Gaps in between your teeth
  • Bad breath that doesn't go away
  • Inflamed gums that are red or purple

How Should Periodontitis Be Treated?

You will have to undergo an examination that includes getting an X-ray for a proper diagnosis. The dentist will have to extract all of the loose teeth. He or she will also write you a prescription for antibiotics that are powerful enough to cure your infection in a short period of time.

After your periodontitis is treated, you can undergo cosmetic dentistry and get your missing teeth replaced with dental implants. Keep in mind that you will likely have to undergo bone grafting to replace your unhealthy jawbones before implants are installed. Bone grafting is necessary because you need strong jawbones to keep the metal posts of the implants in place.

What Does it Cost for Dental Implants?

You are looking to pay at least $4,000 for each of your dental implants. The price reflects the fact that you will need teeth extracted. The expenses for undergoing bone grafting are also included in the estimated price. Cosmetic dentistry is not likely to be covered by your dental insurance policy, so expect to pay for your implants on your own. You may be able to get the procedure financed through the dental clinic so you can pay for it in easy installments.

Don't allow periodontitis to destroy all of your teeth. Speak to a dentist at Front Royal Dental about extracting your loose teeth and getting them replaced with dental implants as soon as possible!