Tips On Choosing Teeth Straightening Treatments For Teenagers

Frequently teenagers who need orthodontic work may find traditional metal braces do not suit their needs. They may have issues with metal braces because of their looks or the way they feel. In this type of situation, it can be a good idea for the teen and his or her parents to consider alternate ways to correct the alignment of the teen's teeth.

Ceramic Braces

If the main concern the teenager has with metal braces is their look, it can be a good idea to investigate ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are generally made of porcelain composite. This material can be colored to a shade that will match the teen's teeth. This combined with clear colored wires will make the braces almost invisible. These types of braces can also be more comfortable to wear since ceramic is generally lighter and will not irritate the gums or mouth in the same way metal does.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces can also be a good choice to help in hiding the appearance of braces. These braces are mounted on the backside of the teeth. While these braces are generally made of metal, they are less likely to be seen by others. Even when the wearer is speaking or smiling they will not need to worry their braces will be seen by anyone nearby. Lingual braces do require a period of adjustment. They can also be painful due to friction from the tongue. Since many orthodontists have not been trained in the application of these types of braces, it is a less common treatment choice than other options.

Clear Plastic Aligners

Clear plastic aligners, such as Invisalign, can be a great option for many teens. This type of treatment involves an orthodontist creating a series of trays designed to gradually change the alignment of the teeth. Trays are made of lightweight plastic that is very smooth. This reduces the likelihood they will create pain for the wearer. Due to their location on the bottom portion of the teeth, they are barely noticeable.

Aligners are removable. This makes it easier for the wearer to eat foods without issues. Removable aligners are also beneficial for special occasions or when photographs will be taken. Teens that participate in sports or play certain musical instruments can also benefit from using removable aligners. By being able to remove the aligners before a game or musical event, the teen will be able to continue to participate in the event as they did before they began orthodontic treatment.

Many teenagers have dental issues requiring their teeth to be realigned or straightened. Many teens may not like the look for feel of metal braces. Because of this, it can be a good idea for the teen and his or her parents to speak to an orthodontist or dentist (such as one from Port Orchard Dental Care Center) about the other types of treatment options available.